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Gabriel's Light is a provider of Health and Wellness products, consisting of Essential Oil and Homeopathic energy healing solutions


Karma Roll-Ons





Helps clear hindrances to achieving one’s life purpose by initiating transformation on different levels of consciousness. Eg. Behavioral patterns such as insecurity and doubt, subconscious blocks that one is unaware of, as well as “Karmic” conditions that are no longer relevant.Attunes one with her/his spiritual levels.

DIRECTIONS: Apply to the thymus gland 1-3 times daily.

APPLICATION OF INTENTION: Roll a little of the Transmute Essence in your left palm and take three deep breaths in through your nostrils. With your first breath, think of the present and any immediate problems you would like to solve in regards to this Essence. With the second breath, ask your subconscious to connect you to the power of the Essence to give you strength. With the third breath, ask your “higher self” to connect you to the root of your problem so that the Essence can help facilitate the release of any “Karmic” conditions.

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